CLIENT SUPPORT – Arborist Services

The Arbor Rangers ™ educational outreach program is supported primarily by the arborist services (see ARBORIST SERVICES section below) performed by Jeff Harris and his associates (Arbor Rangers, LLC).

Jeff prepares tree I.V.

Jeff Harris, ISA Certified Arborist (TRAQ)# IN-3266A prepares a tree I.V. for micro-infusion trunk injection of an ailing tree.

EXISTING CLIENTS – If you have hired us before and have a tree-related property/landscape question, concern, or request for Arbor Rangers, LLC, you may use the CLIENT REQUEST FORM for further assistance. (A “frequently asked questions” section is under development to provide you a means of self-assistance to commonly asked questions.)

NEW CLIENTS – Prospective customers may also use the Client Request Form, but please provide your referral source (i.e. how you heard about or discovered Arbor Rangers, LLC’s plant health care (PHC) services). Prospective customers should be aware that the use of the Internet via email or some other electronic format, including the Client Request Form, does not constitute, nor establish a binding Servicer-Client relationship between you and Arbor Rangers, LLC, Jeff Harris, or our associates. Satisfactory fulfillment of any submitted request may be limited due to the nature of your request (i.e. type of service(s) you’ve requested, the size of the proposed work order, the round-trip travel distance to a proposed work site, personnel availability, product and/or equipment availability, inclement weather conditions, scheduling conflicts, conflicts of interest or ethics, etc.) or other circumstances that may be beyond our control and therefore we may discretionarily decline to accept such request. Thank you for your patience, understanding, cooperation, and consideration in advance! Sorry! We are not accepting new clients at this time, but reserve the right to make exceptions, based on referral sources. To maintain optimal care for our existing loyal clients we choose not to spread ourselves too thin. Thank you for understanding!

PLEASE NOTE: Existing clients and prospective customers SHOULD NOT use the Client Request Form to communicate TIME-SENSITIVE matters. You are highly encouraged to call and leave a briefly detailed message at 317-677-3601.* If you send a TEXT MESSAGE at that number or email us at it will likely reach us quicker. NO SOLICITATIONS, please.

*Due to a tremendous influx of SPAM solicitation calls, voicemail messaging may be unavailable. Please text message or email if you are unable to leave a voice message. Thank you!

Arbor Rangers, LLC personnel have received complete vaccinations for COVID-19, however, until COVID-19 and variants have been controlled or eradicated, we will err on the side of caution and continue to practice “social-distancing” safety protocols (i.e., wear face masks during client encounters, not engage in any form of physical contact (hand-shaking, etc.) to protect you, your family, our immunocompromised clients, and ourselves. It may be necessary for us to slip our masks down to breathe fresh air as temperatures warm up and become suffocating, so social distancing will be important. Therefore, we respectfully ask that on-site conversations be brief and focused on matters related to your trees’ plant health care (PHC) concerns. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding! [Note: In certain circumstances where PHC treatments have been preapproved, clients are welcome to watch the application process, but are asked to maintain a “safe distance” of no less than six linear feet.]



(NOTE: Rates and service offerings are subject to change without prior notice.)

SERVICE AREA (Most of north, northeast Indianapolis, Carmel (central and east), Fishers, and Geist in Indiana. Please note boundaries on the map. Any area outside these boundaries may incur a Service Trip Charge (STC).

SERVICE AREA BOUNDARIES (Click on map to open a larger view.)

    • NORTH: East on W Main St (W 136th St) from Spring Mill Rd to N Rangeline Rd, then north to E Smokey Row Rd, then east to Carey Rd and north to E 146th St, then go east to Allisonville Rd.
    • EAST: South on Allisonville Rd from E 146th down to E 116th St, then east to Brooks School Rd down onto Fall Creek Rd over Geist Reservoir onto Carroll Rd (N 770 W) down to E 86th St then east to Oaklandon Rd, then south to Fox Rd as it bends into Sunnyside Rd down to E 56th St.
    • SOUTH: East on W 38th St (at N Michigan Rd) to E Fall Creek Pkwy N Dr then northeast as it turns into Binford Blvd up to E 56th St and then east to Sunnyside Rd.
    • WEST: North on Michigan Rd (at W 38th St) to W 86th St, then east to Spring Mill Rd and then north up to W Main St (W 136th St).
Arbor Rangers, LLC Service Area

Arbor Rangers, LLC service area boundaries. Arbor Rangers, LLC serves the north-central Indianapolis area, including parts of Carmel, Fishers, and Geist.

Onsite inspections, diagnostics, and/or consultations (IDC) carry a separate fee from plant health care (PHC) treatments/applications. The IDC fee compensates for the time & expertise to perform a requested onsite inspection and/or to put together a comprehensive written report (usually sent digitally via email) and is charged at an hourly rate. (See fees below.) To maximize productivity and provide consistent service between our clientele, an hourly rate helps to minimize off-topic chit-chat and keeps the inspection focused on addressing your primary PHC concerns. The fee to treat plant ailments is to compensate for the additional time, expense, and use of materials and equipment to administer treatment to treatable plant health problems, if applicable, once you, the client, approves our quote(s). The quote(s) offered, after our fee-based inspection, is free. The IDC is NOT free. (See also: Arborist Services Terms and Conditions.)

Common Abbreviations
IDC – Inspection-Diagnostics-Consultation
PHC – Plant Health Care
INJ – Injections
TRA – Tree Risk Assessment
GRR – Girdling Roots Removal
STC – Service Trip Charge
RTW – Registered Technician Worker is any licensed service technician.

  • SERVICE TRIP CHARGE (STC) – A STC of no less than $75.00 up to half the cost of the planned PHC service within our normal service area boundaries, will be billed at our discretion for any of the following reasons:
    • A scheduled application (with advance notification and preapproval) could not be performed after arrival because:
      • We were unable to access the treatment area (e.g. property owner forgot to unlock a gate or some obstruction blocked access to the treatment area).
      • Insecure work environment (e.g. property owner forgot to prevent an aggressive pet from access into the treatment area while our service technician was present).
      • Unsafe conditions in or near the treatment area that would risk harm to our service technician that property owner failed or forgot to take care before our arrival.
      • Last-minute cancellations of service that is within 30 minutes of our service technician’s arrival, particularly after they have arrived (e.g. lost opportunity to reschedule another client and wasted job preparation & travel time).
      • Property is located 20 miles or more from our home office or otherwise outside our normal service area boundaries. In these instances, PHC services, including IDC are no less than $250.00 each round-trip. In addition to non-productive travel time, the further distance we must travel to the project site, the greater potential of risks that may impact our ability to successfully complete a project in a timely manner or necessitate another trip back to the site. Therefore, PLEASE NOTE that IF we accept a PHC project, including IDC services, outside our normal service area boundaries, then it will be under the condition that it WILL NOT be for less than $250.00 or up, per round-trip.

Tree Inspection

  • PHC for native trees and many ornamental trees:
    • Inspection-Diagnostics-Consultation (IDC):
      • Starting at $95.00 per hour ($95.00 minimum). After the first hour, time will be billed in increments of 30 minutes @ $50 per increment for IDC services (on or off-site) up to 2 hours, unless an approved pre-arrangement when an IDC has been guesstimated to exceed 2 hours on the same day and/or IDC requires a follow-up visit). See the BUSINESS HOURS section below for additional conditions. IDC generally includes any of the following services or a combination of these:
        • Plant health inspections for specific trees, general monitoring, diagnostics, and care & maintenance recommendations, including a free quote for treatment/maintenance options, if applicable.
        • Tree Risk Assessments (Level 1: Limited Visual) (TRA1)
        • Remote/Mobile Consultation (i.e. phone, email, or text messaging) (over 30 minutes, cumulative, within a 36-hour period).
        • New tree planting: planning and/or supervision. (See Onsite Supervision below.)
      • Starting at $125.00 per hour ($125.00 minimum) for  Tree Risk Assessments (Level 2: Basic Visual) (TRA2)

Note: At this time, we do not offer Tree Risk Assessment (Level 3: Advance Assessment)(TRA3)

      • Clients are strongly encouraged to take notes. If the tree inspection entails many details, covers numerous trees, presents many mitigation options, etc. then a report with photos may be necessary. Because this is part of the IDC, the time to create the Tree Inspection Report will be at the same billable rate. The report will be sent digitally via email. Printed copies will cost no less than $20.00/copy (full-color) and be mailed via USPS ($5.00 minimum for shipping & handling). Multiple copies mailed to the same address may be at a higher shipping rate.
    • Arbor Inspection Monthly Monitoring Service – AIMMS to detect plant health problems early through periodic onsite inspection & monitoring of specific landscape trees. Monthly inspections can be scheduled from as early as April through October. Onsite inspections usually take from 30 minutes up to an hour and then add an hour for a written report (w/photos, applicable) via email. Priced per onsite visit w/report (if applicable), per hour: $95.00 per hour ($95.00 minimum) Sorry! No new AIMMS clients are being accepted at this time.
    • Onsite Supervision:  Can provide onsite supervision for new tree plantings to ensure that proper planting techniques are being used to promote plant longevity. Priced per onsite visit, per hour: $95.00 per hour (two-hour minimum fee).
  • Trunk Injections.

    • Treatments (preventive or curative): PHC services pricing ranges from $10.00 – $17.00+ per dbh, based on targeted health issue(s), chemical(s) or formulations used, application rates, site location (distance), site conditions, etc. Types of PHC services include:
      • soil amendments to add vital soluble nutrients and/or lower pH
      • trunk injections using Arborjet micro-infusion/injection or other injection methods, foliar/trunk sprays, etc.:
        • micro/macro-nutrient supplements
        • pest insects & mites control
        • disease (fungal, bacterial) control


Collecting soil samples for certified soil laboratory analysis.

  • Soil and/or Plant Tissue sample Diagnostic Testing (LAB):
    • $95.00 for the first samples collected (from a single property up to ¼ acre area for soil samples or a single plant source, such as a tree, for plant tissue), then $75.00 for each successive sample for different soil areas or plants drawn on the same visit. The fee covers sample collecting, shipping/carrier fees, laboratory testing fees, and follow-up consultation or summary report. NOTE: The soil tests we order check for soil nutrient content, soluble salts, and pH level, but do not analyze soil contamination from bacteria, mold, fungi, herbicides, etc. which would require advanced testing. Plant test submissions look for biotic diseases and pests, but not for nutrient content, herbicides, etc. which would require advanced testing.
    • $125.00 & up, per sample, for advanced testing, if necessary, for deeper analysis by a microbial services laboratory.
  • Light pruning (maintenance and diseased limbs removal): On occasion and selectively, I may be available to prune ornamental & shade trees under 10′ tall where work can be performed from the ground (i.e. do not require a ladder or tree climbing) and do not require the use of gas-powered cutting equipment (e.g. chainsaw). Hedge-trimming and hand-pruning shrubs may be phased out by 2018/2019. Sorry! No new pruning services clients are being accepted at this time. See TREE PRUNING or TREE REMOVAL.
  • Landscape edging & mulching services – most of these services were phased out by the end of 2017. Sorry! No new edging or mulching clients are being accepted at this time.
  • Girdling Root Removal (GRR): Starting at $195.00 per hour ($195.00 minimum), per tree. [In the case of multiple trees on the same site, just an hourly rate will apply.]

    Jeff begins removing the surface girdling roots.

    Jeff begins the task of removing the surface girdling roots.

GRR will only be performed on a case-by-case basis. Most surface (exposed) roots are accessible and we may be able to remove many of the stem girdling roots (using manual tools) that encircle the trunk base (i.e. trunk flare, root crown). Sections of roots that are deeply embedded typically can not be removed without the risk of damaging the vulnerable Cambium layer in the constricted area. An option may be to cut the girdling root into sections to allow the tree to push these out over a period of time. This may bring some relief to a tree that is being strangled. Manual GRR is a labor-intensive and time-consuming task. Ideally, in cases of severe girdling, we would recommend having the tree air-spaded (a.k.a. air-knived or air-escavated), but for significantly severe girdling it may be too late to save the tree and attempting to remove the girdling roots could accelerate the tree’s demise.



Arbor Rangers, LLC does not perform any tree pruning, nor tree removal work, particularly projects that require heavy gas-powered equipment to lift, rig, brace, saw, grind, chip, or haul tree limbs, trunks, stumps, or brush. In time, we hope to compile a list of tree services that we have become more familiar with who represent and practice the standards set by our industry.

  • LIABILITY INSURANCE! When searching for a tree service, please be sure to check that these services can provide proof of active liability insurance. If no insurance, then don’t take the risk regardless of their quote to do your tree work!
  • ANSI A300 PRUNING STANDARDS Ensure their tree workers adhere to the ANSI A300 pruning standards and make that part of your contract agreement with the service BEFORE any work is started! Tree workers who adhere to the ANSI A300 pruning standard WILL NOT:
    • leave branch stubs
    • make unnecessary heading cuts
    • cut off the branch collar (not make a flush cut)
    • top or lion’s tail trees (stripping a branch from the inside leaving foliage just at the ends)
    • remove more than 25 percent of the foliage of a single branch
    • remove more than 25 percent of the total tree foliage in a single year
    • damage other parts of the tree during pruning
    • use wound paint
    • prune without a good reason
    • climb the tree with climbing spikes

Arborjet® Trained Professional

Arborjet® Trained Professional

**Learn more about my experience: ISA Certified Arborist

Indiana Commercial Pesticide Applicator** License# F213529 (Categories: 3A & 7A)

BUSINESS HOURS and CONDITIONS for SERVICE (See also: Arborist Services Terms and Conditions.)

  • We appreciate your interest in our arborist services, but please note that if you are not a current client of Jeff Harris (dba Arbor Rangers, LLC) then submitting a Client Request utilizing our online form DOES NOT constitute a provider-client relationship until your request has been accepted for processing and you receive a non-automated response to discuss your plant health care concern(s). Requests are managed according to their priority of circumstances (as determined at the sole discretion of the reviewer) and may not necessarily follow the order in which they were received. Additionally, out-of-state (outside Indiana) questions may not be possible to diagnose or the recommendations we may offer may be limited. Our area of reach is typically within the Indianapolis, IN, area and nearby NE cities and towns in central Indiana, but many arboricultural principles and PHC questions share common advice or solutions.
  • REGULAR HOURS of OPERATION: Wednesday – Friday from 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM. CLOSED: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday, and certain holidays.
  • EXTENDED HOURS: At a higher rate, but NOT GUARANTEED. At our discretion, we may refuse projects that call for work during days and/or hours that are outside our regular hours of operation. In rare cases, we may make exceptions for Saturday & some national holidays between 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM. The IDC rate is a minimum of $125.00 per hour and billed in hourly increments always rounded up to the next hour. (Example: 1 hour and 25 minutes = two hours billable time.)
  • AVAILABILITY LIMITATIONS: Throughout the year we engage in Christian ministry work, as well as professional credentials training, urban forestry educational outreach activities, website maintenance & updates, etc. These may, without prior notice, make us unavailable on certain days or weeks of the month during our “on-season” business.
  • OFF-SEASON WORK: Unless the climate runs unusually warmer, prematurely launching the growing season or extending it, or in the case of special time-sensitive projects, we do not perform PHC services, including inspection services, between November 15th through April 15th.
  • SAFETY: NO arborist services will be performed under unsafe working conditions where physical safety may be at risk:
    • severe weather events: electrical storms, high winds, persistent rain showers, hail, etc.
    • extreme temperatures: any temperatures that could result in hypothermia, frostbite, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, etc.
    • pest infestations: roaches, bed bugs, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, etc.
    • hostile/aggressive pets or wildlife
Arbor Rangers, LLC personnel have received complete vaccinations for COVID-19, however, until COVID-19 and variants have been controlled or eradicated, we will err on the side of caution and continue to practice “social-distancing” safety protocols (i.e., wear face masks during client encounters, not engage in any form of physical contact (hand-shaking, etc.) to protect you, your family, our immunocompromised clients, and ourselves. It may be necessary for us to slip our masks down to breathe fresh air as temperatures warm up and become suffocating, so social distancing will be important. Therefore, we respectfully ask that on-site conversations be brief and focused on matters related to your trees’ plant health care (PHC) concerns. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding! [Note: In certain circumstances where PHC treatments have been preapproved, clients are welcome to watch the application process, but are asked to maintain a “safe distance” of no less than six linear feet.]
  • ESTIMATES: Estimates to give a quick quote for PHC services are free, however, estimates requiring more thorough inspections and time (over 15 minutes), including diagnostics and/or consultation are NOT FREE. Estimates are based on the anticipated duration, difficulty, and product(s)/equipment to complete the service(s) requested. These estimates are also based on the assumption that unexpected circumstances that could prolong or deepen the scope of work will not be encountered. If significant additional time is necessary, We will make every effort to contact the client via a mobile device (text message, phone, and email) to document and discuss the situation. With the client’s permission to proceed, our fee(s) will be adjusted accordingly. If we are unable to receive a response from the client within a reasonable time frame, work on the applicable project(s) will cease before any additional costs are incurred beyond the original quote. Exception(s): When a client has given us carte blanche on the project in advance. Estimates will be honored for up to 30 days from the date they were issued. After 30 days, certain service offerings may become unavailable or may otherwise be discontinued. Additionally, associated service fees may increase or decrease, without prior notification.

•  Certificate of Liability Insurance for business in Indiana, USA 

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