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Native Trees of Indiana

    Sandy loves the diversity of trees that are native to Indiana! Whenever she gets a chance, she puts on her safety equipment and goes out with her fellow Arbor Rangers ™ to view and climb trees. Trees come in all shapes and sizes and Indiana, for example, has over...

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What is PHOTOSYNTHESIS? Well… besides being a long word that you might think is one of those fancy words used in a science-fiction story, photosynthesis is actually the term used in real science to depict the amazing chemical process of how plants make their own...

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Heat & Drought Stress – Will Your Trees Survive?

HEAT & DROUGHT STRESS can negatively impact your landscape plants, particularly your trees. The photo below is from an actual irrigated lawn following several heatwaves. Despite receiving water from an irrigation system, the greenest areas of the lawn were those...

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Girdling Roots – The Silent Tree Killer

Of the many ways to kill a tree in the landscape, Girdling Roots ranks high among them, along with poor irrigation, planting too deep (which often causes girdling roots), and mechanical injuries. But just what are girdling roots and where do they come from? [Note:...

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Are LICHENS Bad For Trees?

"I've got some kind of creepy fungus all over my tree! Will it kill my tree?" I get asked this A LOT. And so, I've created this post to offer a brief, but hopefully interesting discussion about the fascinating natural phenomena known as LICHENS (pronounced:...

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Watering Trees – How Much?

Providing adequate water for your trees can be a challenge sometimes because it means you have to: remember to do it, know when & how much to do it, and do it in a way that doesn't discourage you from doing it. In this post, I hope to provide you access to some...

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How Soil Tests Can Help with Tree Selection

Have you ever gone to a tree nursery and to your glee found what you thought to be the PERFECT tree for your home? Maybe you first saw it in a magazine, on TV or the Internet or you caught it on sale at Walmart. Wherever you saw it, you respond out of impulse and...

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What Does a Tree Think of Pruning?

Guiding young and medium-aged trees to develop good branch architecture is key to sustainable tree plantings. The most common method of training and developing healthy growth is by means of proper pruning. But, have you ever wondered how pruning affects a tree? It's...

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