MUSIC – “The Four Seasons”

Lyrics: We sing of the four seasons:chilly winter, ice and snow,lovely springtime blossoms,the summer sun’s warm glow.When leaves are turning color,we know that it is fall.We sing of the four seasonsand look forward to them all. Winter is the coldest season.Feel the...

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Rachel Rambach – “The Leaves on the Trees”

Lyrics: The leaves on the trees,They sway in the breeze,They sway all around, all around.Slowly first, then fasterUntil all the leaves fall down. (Repeat, gradually getting faster each time) For more about this song and Rachel, click this link: Listen & Learn...

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Sid the Science Kid – “Beautiful Trees Song”

Lyrics: Pine trees in the forests Palm trees by the sea Oaks and Maples Help you and me With air to breathe And food to eat Shady shade To beat the heat Beautiful trees You know we love them Beautiful trees We need more of them They take in carbon dioxide Through...

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Arbor Ranger’s Theme Song

Arbor Rangers™ is an educational adventure series. To accomplish this, the development of theme music and lyrics for the series began back in April 2009. In time, however, the focus shifted to defining and refining the actual core team characters and, aside from the...

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