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The following form has been provided for clients with whom Jeff Harris performs arborist services for-hire to contact him concerning plant health care (PHC) related topics, such as:

  • to request an onsite inspection/diagnostic/consultation visit ($75.00 minimum fee)
  • to request a service estimate/quote (FREE, if no inspection/diagnostic/consultation (IDC) needed); fee may apply for appointments scheduled during non-regular service hours or IDC visits of 45 minutes or longer.)
  • to request ornamental pest control services
  • to inquire about a scheduled service or reschedule/cancel a service
  • to inquire about an invoice or payment arrangement, etc.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to see if your question has already been addressed there.

Jeff Harris takes pride in delivering optimal service at the highest level for his clients. As a one-man operation, he is able to achieve this by prioritizing the PHC needs of his regular clientele base and limiting the number of new customers and type of work he accepts annually.

Certificate of Liability Insurance for business in Indiana.


Jeff Harris performs PHC services primarily in and around the Greater Indianapolis, Indiana area, but may consider worthwhile work in areas surrounding Marion County. A fuel surcharge of $5.00 may apply to areas more than 15 miles outside of I-465 loop. At his discretion, Jeff may waive any or all fees on a case by case basis.

  • Regular business hours: Monday – Friday from 10:00am to 4:30pm. The Inspection, Diagnostic, and/or Consultation (IDC) rate is a minimum $75.00 (up to first 30 minutes, then $25 in increments of 15 minutes thereafter)
  • Saturday: Appointments may be available, but at a higher rate. IDC rate is a minimum $95.00 (up to first 30 minutes, then $40.00 in increments of 15 minutes thereafter)
  • Sunday: Very rarely, and definitely at a higher rate. IDC rate is a minimum of $115.00 (up to first 30 minutes, the $55.00 in increments of 15 minutes thereafter)

PLEASE NOTE: Existing clients and prospective customers SHOULD NOT not use the Client Request Form to communicate TIME-SENSITIVE matters. You are highly encouraged to call and leave a briefly detailed message at 317-677-3601. If you send a TEXT MESSAGE at that number it will reach me even quicker. Prospective customers should be aware that use of the Internet via email or some other electronic format, including the Client Request Form, does not constitute, nor establish a binding Servicer-Client relationship between you and Jeff Harris or his associates. Fulfillment of a submitted request may be limited by the nature of the request, type of service(s) requested, size of the proposed work order, travel distance to the proposed work site, product and/or equipment availability, climate and forecasted weather conditions, scheduling conflicts and availability, or other circumstances that may be within or beyond Jeff’s control. Thank you for your patience, understanding, cooperation and consideration in advance!

Please complete the form below. Required fields are identified with an asterisk (*). Upon successful completion of the form, you will be redirected back to the Client Support page after you click on the Submit button. Thank you!






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