Jeff Harris, CEO Arbor Rangers, LLC

Jeff Harris, CEO Arbor Rangers, LLC

ISA Certified Arborist

Jeff Harris  IN-3266A

JEFF HARRIS Creator of the Arbor Rangers ™ and CEO of Arbor Rangers, LLC in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Jeff has trained in the field of arboriculture since 2002, passing the ISA Arborist Certification exam in 2008 (re-certified, November 2015) and, as of October 2016, adding Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) (re-certified, August 2022) (Certification ID# IN-3266A). Arbor Rangers ™ was an idea conceived in 2008 by Jeff Harris as an unbiased tree advocacy outreach program to help educate students about the fascinating field of arboriculture. Jeff is currently studying for his Board Certified Master Arborist exam.

Through collaborative efforts with other like-minded tree care industry organizations and academic institutions, it is our mission to raise positive awareness of the numerous benefits of trees, along with encouraging good tree stewardship. Arbor Rangers ™ strives to develop deeper appreciation and awe for trees in today’s youth so that they may become competent leaders supporting urban forest care. We are about simple, no-nonsense, clean, good stewardship of our ecosystems by means of thought-stimulating outreach programs. Arbor Rangers ™ advocates the responsible management of all precious natural resources, particularly trees.

To accomplish our tree steward outreach efforts, Arbor Rangers ™ curriculum utilizes aspects of the Indiana Academic Standards in science and arts and strives to work harmoniously with criteria established by the Arbor Day Foundation, along with many fundamental building blocks of the International Society of Arboriculture and worker safety protocols promoted by the Tree Care Industry Association and in the ANSI A300 Standards of Care. Arbor Rangers ™ supports many of the outreach efforts and programs of urban forestry management-related non-profit organizations, such as Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, the Indiana DNR/CUF, and the  US Forest Service, to name a few. [See a list of notable organizations and programs on our Teacher and Parent Resources page.]

Best Management Practices - Pruning, 3rd Edition (2019)

Jeff has served on the Board of Directors of the former Indiana Urban Forest Council, as well as Chairman of the Indiana Arbor Day Poster Contest Committee, of which Arbor Rangers, LLC was also a major sponsor and developer. Jeff is a freelance writer, as well as an illustrator. Jeff has worked on publications for Purdue University Extension (Urban Forestry) and fully illustrated the Best Management Practices – Pruning, 3rd Edition (2019) publication for the ISA. For more examples of his work, go to the Articles & Publications page.

Jaira Harris, Field Supervisor, Arbor Rangers, LLC

To support our tree steward outreach efforts, Jeff, along with his “modest scientist” daughter JAIRA HARRIS, offer a handful of specialized arborist services in plant health care (PHC) for the northern Indianapolis area. These may include onsite tree inspections, consultations, diagnostics, risk management reporting, along with mitigation options, such as treatments, maintenance pruning (limited), and girdling roots removal (GRR, limited). Through Arbor Rangers, LLC (License# 254962), Jeff holds credentials with the Office of Indiana State Chemist (License# F213529) for professional pesticide usage in Category 3A (Ornamental Pest Management) and Jaira is a Registered Technician (License# RT258187). Arbor Rangers, LLC carries the required liability insurance for business in Indiana. (See Certificate of Liability Insurance) Jeff uses his illustration and computer skills to design projects for Arbor Rangers ™  with an assortment of entertaining and interactive media to nurture natural thinking ability and inspire curiosity, and excitement for learning. These programs are aimed at students, their schools, and local communities by encouraging environmental awareness and advocacy for responsible management of precious natural resources, with an emphasis on trees. Jeff endorses the educational outreach efforts of the International Society of ArboricultureIndiana Arborist Association, and the Arboricultural Research & Education Academy, and maintains his education by regularly attending and participating in industry-related seminars, workshops, and conventions sponsored by the ISA, IAAPurdue University (Agriculture) Extension – Forestry and Natural Resources, and the DNR/CUF throughout the year. Jaira is a skilled and imaginative artist as well, and her impressive knowledge and work ethic as a Field Supervisor and pesticide applicator, along with her kind-hearted nature, have made her an invaluable asset for both  Arbor Rangers ™ and Arbor Rangers, LLC. (She’s literally just an exam away from becoming an ISA Certified Arborist herself!) Jeff and Jaira’s work schedules keep them very busy, but they occasionally participate in volunteer efforts for the Department of Natural Resources Indiana Community Tree Stewards program.

ISA Member   IAA Member   DNR Indiana Community Tree Stewards   AREA


What Arbor Rangers ™ is not…

While Arbor Rangers ™ focuses on arboriculture and urban forestry education, we are sympathetic toward families and individuals impacted by natural disasters, disabilities, literacy-defecent educational programs, economic stress, violence, and other humanitarian issues. That stated, Arbor Rangers ™ is not about radical activism. We remain politically neutral and do not represent, nor share in, any political views of any tree-advocate organization we may at times collaborate with. We will not engage in, nor promote, violent or non-violent demonstrations, protests, rallies, or other emotionally/politically/socially-charged activities because these most always incite (or exacerbate) tension, conflict, division, bias, prejudice, and hatred which undermine and threaten peaceful cohabitation, decency, and cooperation.


You may connect with Jeff using the “Contact Us” link in the Contact Us menu and through these social network platforms: (Click social media icons to access these pages.)

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Jeff can also be reached via eMail. <–The link should open up your email application automatically. If not, copy and use the following email address: arborranger@gmail.com  <<<PLEASE NO SOLICITATIONS or SPAM!>>>

For additional information on the arborist services available, you may contact Jeff via the “CLIENT SUPPORT” link in the Contact Us menu or use this link: Client Request Form.

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