Articles & Publications

This is a list of some of the articles, publications and other media which Jeff Harris has had the privilege to write, illustrate or contribute his photographs towards over the years.


2012 IUFC Indiana Arbor Day Poster Contest – Lesson Plans & Contest Rules Book (Jeff Harris has annually maintained this publication through 2015)2012 IUFC Arbor Day Poster Contest Lesson Plans & Contest Rules Book

Canopy – Spring 2012 IUFC Membership Newsletter

  • Page 3, (article) “The Results Are In For the First Annual IUFC Indiana Arbor Day Poster Contest”
  • Page 5, (illustration) IUFC 2012 Tree-Cycle logo, featuring Oakley!
  • Page 6, (photographs) 2012 IUFC Winter Conference

Canopy – Fall 2012 IUFC Membership Newsletter

  • Page 3, (illustration) IUFC 2012 Tree-Cycle logo
  • Page 8, (article) “The Poster Contest Winners Awarded”

Canopy – Winter 2013 IUFC Membership Newsletter

  • Page 1, (article and photograph) “IUFC Announces Second Annual Arbor Day Poster Contest”
  • Page 5, (illustration) IUFC 2012 Tree-Cycle logo

Canopy – Winter 2014 IUFC Membership Newsletter

  • Page 2, (photographs) IUFC 2013 Fall Conference Award Winners
  • Page 4, (photographs) IUFC 2013 Fall Conference Pre-conference Workshop
  • Page 5, (photograph) IUFC 2013 Fall Conference
  • Pages 6-8, (article) “When It Comes To Smartphone Tree Apps, It’s A Give And Take”


IAA Annual Tree Climbing Competition signage (text & illustrations) featuring the Arbor Rangers™!

Masters' Challenge sign



FNR-506-W Tree Pruning Essentials by Lindsey Purcell (July 2015)

  • Pages 10-11, (illustration series) ternary pruning method (or ternary method or ternary cut method)

FNR-534-W Tree Pruning: What Do Trees Think? by Lindsey Purcell (February 2017)

  • Pages 3 (two illustrations) auxin-cytokinin pathways and epicormic growth from tree topping
  • Page 4 (illustration set) pruning effects on branch growing points

HO-4-W Pruning Ornamental Trees and Shrubs by Rosie Lerner; Kyle Daniel, and Lindsey Purcell (March 2017)

  • Page 9 (Figure 8. illustration) shoot response of tree due to topping
  • Page 11 (Figure 11. illustration) three pruning points of ternary pruning method (or ternary method or ternary cut method)


2017 Indiana Arbor Day Poster Contest – Lesson Plans (edits, revisions, and illustration changes, etc. to original book)


Arbor Rangers™ Foresters of Urban Nature™ A Brief Illustrated Guide by Jeff Harris

This book was designed as an introductory piece featuring the Arbor Rangers™, their creator Jeff Harris and the influential professionals who inspired their creation. This book is full of illustrations and photography by Jeff Harris, with contributions from his youngest daughter and work assistant, Jaira Harris, who also helped edit the book.

Click here to view this photo book larger

Drawing Trees Using Basic Shapes

Arbor Rangers™ Brainy Series™ Activity pages (April 2016)

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