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Arbor Rangers™ is an educational adventure series. To accomplish this, the development of theme music and lyrics for the series began back in April 2009. In time, however, the focus shifted to defining and refining the actual core team characters and, aside from the lyrics, an official theme music track was never professionally recorded. Nevertheless, the melody had been established to accompany those lyrics.

Arbor Rangers™ Theme Song (Lyrics & Basic Keys)

Main Verse:

Ar-bor Ran-gers!

E  E   G   E

Bet-ter call on the dou-ble!

B   B   B    B  B   A   B

Ar-bor Ran-gers!

E  E   G   E

When your trees are in trou-ble!

B    B    C     C   C  B    C

Ar-bor Ran-gers!

E  E   G   E

E-ver rea-dy; re-source-ful!

B B   B   B   B  A      B


For-e-sters of  ur-ban na-ture,

C   C B     C   D  C   B  A

When threats put our trees in dan-ger,

C    C       B   C   D     C  B   A

You can count on Ar-bor Ran-gers!  Yah!

C    C  B     C  D  C   B   A      B


B C C C A G F# G A B B B G F# E

B C C C A G F# G A B


G G G G G A G F# G A G F# G B

(Repeat Main Verse and Chorus, skip Bridge, then Conclusion)


Ar-bor Ran-gers!

E  E   G   E

Here is a sample of the basic Arbor Rangers Theme Song tune. Use the Up/Down Arrow keys on your computer keyboard to increase or decrease volume.


THEME SONG DEVELOPMENT: The decision on how to move forward in producing the theme music will ultimately define the spirit of the Arbor Rangers™ team and the adventures they will embark upon.

It has come down to two, maybe three, possibilities: Conduct a contest (statewide, national, or even international) among grade school bands and choirs* to submit their performance of the theme song for a chance to have it used in future Arbor Rangers™ animated productions and live shows, be named in the credits, and receive a one-time cash prize; or Select and work in collaboration with a willing local school band and choir group in preparing instrumentals for the finished score, with acknowledgments in future productions that feature these works and a one-time cash donation to their music department/school; or Put out an ad in various music vines to offer a chance for new or established bands looking for exposure of their talents to put together a finished song track using the established Arbor Ranger™ theme song melody and lyrics, which includes their name featured in the credits to future productions utilizing their work and also a one-time cash bonus. *The best renditions may be featured in a future Arbor Rangers™ music CD , with the top winning submission used as the official adaptation which would be featured on the Arbor Rangers™ website and in future productions!

Check back in this MUSIC section for more songs about nature and trees which are being written for future Arbor Rangers™ live and animated productions.