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How To Plant A Tree

Have you ever wondered, "What is the proper way to plant a tree?" Does it really matter? Sometimes, it's hard to imagine the future of a tree, like how tall it will grow or how wide. It's kind of like buying a cute little puppy. It's small and doesn't take up much...

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Indiana’s STEM Certified Schools!

​The Indiana Department of Education has announced the following STEM Certified Schools which underwent a rigorous application and review process in order to be awarded. While these are some of the first, other schools will be able to build on their accomplishments....

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Help the Urban Forest in Carmel

Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom is being planned for Goddard School A special invitation has been extended to participate in a project to bring more trees and other greenery into Carmel’s urban forest, reduce hardscape, and help create future generations of tree...

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Hover Flies and Sweat Bees, Oh My!

So... you're outside trying to enjoy your trees and then almost immediately you begin to attract the attention of those tiny, hovering, flying "things" that look like tiny bees! It seems to get worse because they tend to like landing on your sweaty arms and hands and...

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Essay Contest for Fourth Graders!

Arbor Rangers ™ is excited to announce that Hoosier Releaf will again be celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day this year and want YOU to join in the celebration! They are inviting all fourth grade students to use your creative minds and your writing talents and enter...

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2015 Indiana Tree Climbing Competition

On Saturday, September 12, 2015 the Indiana Arborist Association hosted the annual Indiana Tree Climbing Competition which was held this time at Southeastway Park in New Palestine, IN. We were asked to design the event station signs, featuring our Arbor Rangers, for...

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“We’re Amazing, 1, 2, 3!”

Trees are amazing, but so are kids! "We're Amazing, 1, 2, 3!" is a very nice online book by Sesame Street that sheds more light on the behavior of some children with autism and how they can still enjoy fun in a social setting when their playmates show understanding...

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