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Hover Flies and Sweat Bees, Oh My!

So… you’re outside trying to enjoy your trees and then almost immediately you begin to attract the attention of those tiny, hovering, flying “things” that look like tiny bees! It seems to get worse because they tend to like landing on your sweaty arms and hands and shoulders and… Just what are these? Bees? Wasps? Flies? Drones? Aliens?!!?

Clive Jones

Clive Jones

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April Debut Issue of New Arbor Ranger’s “Brainy Series”

Arbor Rangers ™ has a NEW logo for its new “BRAINY Series”. This new series will be all about puzzles that include mazes, word searches, crosswords, rebuses, etc. that are designed to get you to THINK about trees!

Arbor Rangers™ "Brainy Series" Logo

The NEW Arbor Rangers™ “Brainy Series” Logo

We’ve combined some of our favorite past puzzles into a new 8-page PDF! This issue will introduce our new “Brainy Series” specifically devoted to word game puzzles and other fun leisurely activities to get you THINKING about trees! Enjoy!

Arbor Rangers™ Brainy Series™ Activity pages promo issue

Arbor Rangers™ Brainy Series™ Activity pages promo issue cover

2016 IUFC Arbor Day Poster Contest for Fifth Graders!

The Indiana Urban Forest Council’s Annual 5th Grade Arbor Day Poster Contest has officially launched!

Arbor Day Poster Contest Celebration at Easton Polaski School

Arbor Day Poster Contest Celebration at Easton Polaski School

What must a winning poster include?

  • Poster contest theme
  • Accurate tree facts
  • Visual appeal


To register, click on this REGISTRATION link.

Poster Contest Deadline

Winning posters from each school must be received by their corresponding Regional Judge no later than Saturday, March 26, 2016 to qualify. Please see complete Contest Rules & Regional Judges info.

Once your school has a winner, be sure to fill out and attach this form, before submitting it.

Best wishes to all participating 5th Grade educators and their students!

Essay Contest for Fourth Graders!

Arbor Rangers ™ is excited to announce that Hoosier Releaf will again be celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day this year and want YOU to join in the celebration! They are inviting all fourth grade students to use your creative minds and your writing talents and enter for a chance to win one of three great prizes in their essay contest!

In just 500 words or less they want you to tell them about how your life would be like if you were the legendary Johnny Appleseed!


Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed by H. S. Knapp (1862)

John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) was an arborist, a farmer, a businessman, and an educator just to name a few things, but he is most famous for planting apple trees around parts of the Midwest. You can find more information about him in your local library and also here.

“If I Were a Modern Day Johnny Appleseed…” Essay Contest

In your essay, tell about how YOUR life would be if you lived like Johnny Appleseed.

  • Would you be an arborist or a businessman?
  • What kinds of things would you do?
  • What would your name be?… Continue reading

2015 Indiana Tree Climbing Competition

Masters' Challenge sign

Masters’ Challenge sign featuring Sandy Beech

On Saturday, September 12, 2015 the Indiana Arborist Association hosted the annual Indiana Tree Climbing Competition which was held this time at Southeastway Park in New Palestine, IN. We were asked to design the event station signs, featuring our Arbor Rangers, for this special event! You can view some of the photos we took at the tree climbing competition on our Facebook page which includes the Arbor Rangers™ illustrations drawn for the station signs.

Special THANKS to Lindsey Purcell for offering the opportunity to support this event and publicize Arbor Rangers™ at the same time!

Arbor Rangers ™ Puzzles & Activities Sheets

Arbor Rangers ™ “Brainy Series”™

Arbor Rangers™ "Brainy Series" Logo

The NEW Arbor Rangers™ “Brainy Series” Logo

Do you like word search, maze, or picture puzzles? Download and print the latest Arbor Rangers  Puzzles & Activities Sheet!

Cross-WOODS Puzzle Solutions



Ready for the puzzle solution?  EAB Crossword Puzzle Answers


“We’re Amazing, 1, 2, 3!”

Trees are amazing, but so are kids!

We're Amazing, 1, 2, 3!

New online book shows how children with understanding can be genuine friends and have fun social encounters with others with autism.

“We’re Amazing, 1, 2, 3!” is a very nice online book by Sesame Street that sheds more light on the behavior of some children with autism and how they can still enjoy fun in a social setting when their playmates show understanding and are true friends. Elmo is in this story and he helps another playmate, Abby, adjust her approach when relating to Julia, his play companion with autism.

If parents take the time to understand autism and then teach their children to understand, then most encounters and interactions with autistic playmates have a wonderful chance at playing out like this sweet little story.

Arbor Rangers encourages everyone to show compassion, patience, and understanding to all they meet as we together learn about trees and have fun cooperating our efforts to preserve our urban forests. =)

Access this fantastic online book “We’re Amazing, 1, 2, 3!”

Indiana Natural Resources Teacher Institute

The Indiana Natural Resources Teacher Institute is a multi-day professional development workshop that will bring 18 teachers from across the state to Morgan-Monroe State Forest to see firsthand how forestry works in Indiana. Sessions include tours of public and private forest lands, forest industry facilities, and forestry research in Indiana.

The goal of the institute is to provide Indiana teachers with knowledge, skills and tools to effectively teach their students about forest ecology and forest management practices. The forest environment becomes the basis for integrating the learning of many subject areas, including environmental science, biology, natural resources, and social science. STEM concepts and principles will be incorporated throughout the sessions. The program empowers teachers to foster conceptual learning, critical thinking and decision-making skills in their classrooms.

Learning the importance of trees

Attendees are prepared for outdoor activities

BENEFITS: The Natural Resources Teacher Institute emphasizes the importance of conservation of natural resources with special attention given to Indiana’s forests and forest products. The project-based approach integrates hands-on study of the natural and cultural resources of the local community, addresses concepts in ecology, sense of place, civics, economics and forest land management and stewardship. Participants will develop a curriculum project about forests or forestry for their classrooms.… Continue reading

2015 IUFC Arbor Day Post Contest State Winner Announced!

The Indiana Urban Forest Council has just announced their State Winner of Arbor Day Poster Contest: Heidi Kane of Sunman-Dearborn Intermediate School, who won the popular vote.

Heidi Kane's 2015 ADPC winning Arbor Day poster

Heidi Kane’s winning Arbor Day poster

Congratulations Heidi!

Smokey & Heidi

Smokey Bear poses for a photo with 1st Place Winner, Heidi Kane