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Keiko Fukiage

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What Does a Tree Think of Pruning?

Guiding young and medium-aged trees to develop good branch architecture is key to sustainable tree plantings. The most common method of training and developing healthy growth is by means of proper pruning.

But, have you ever wondered how pruning affects a tree?

It’s not merely the removal of a broken or diseased or undesirable limb. Pruning not only changes a tree’s physical structure, for better or worse, but it also undergoes biological effects, which can have long-lasting affects on its future growth and development. Who knew, right?

Tree pruning

We prune trees to remove broken or diseased or undesirable limbs, but have you ever wondered, “What do tree think?” Can pruning affect a tree biologically? What affect could Jeff’s pruning this tree (pictured above) have on its future growth and development?

To learn more on how proper (or improper) pruning can impact your trees and when is the best time to prune, read the new publication: “Tree Pruning: What Do Trees Think?” (FNR-534-W Feburay 2017) by Lindsey Purcell (Urban Forestry Specialist, Purdue University).

Epicormic shoots from latent buds as a result of tree topping.

Epicormic shoots have developed from latent buds after this tree was topped. Topping trees is bad for a trees long-term health and not considered… Continue reading

Meet Keiko Fukiage

Keiko Fukiage

Keiko Fukiage is one of the co-founding members of a “Girls-Only” tree house club with her best friend, Sandy Beech, that would later allow boys to join and eventually become the urban forestry team known as, the Arbor Rangers!

Her specialties are:

  • Pruning
  • Installation and Establishment
  • Diagnostics (Abiotic Disorders)
  • Urban Forestry
  • Tree Risk Management