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Clive Jones

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Hover Flies and Sweat Bees, Oh My!

So… you’re outside trying to enjoy your trees and then almost immediately you begin to attract the attention of those tiny, hovering, flying “things” that look like tiny bees! It seems to get worse because they tend to like landing on your sweaty arms and hands and shoulders and… Just what are these? Bees? Wasps? Flies? Drones? Aliens?!!?

Clive Jones

Clive Jones

Checkout our post on Facebook where we point you to the answers:

or go to: https://ag.purdue.edu/btny/ppdl/Pages/HOT2016/hot08092016.aspx

Stop the Emerald Ash Borer!

Help stop the spread of Emerald Ash Borer! HOW? Well, one way is not to transport any firewood from quarantined locations to other locations (quarantined or not). If you have a fireplace or fire pit, only use local wood. If you plan on having a bonfire, or barbequing at a picnic site away from home or camping, etc. make sure you don’t take firewood with you, but instead buy it from someplace in or near where you plan to burn it. Use up all the firewood too and don’t transport it back home or to another location.

Emerald Ash Borer larva

Emerald Ash Borer larva

 How bad is the situation?

According to the Northern Research Station of the USDA Forest Service, ash trees affected by EAB requiring treatment, removal, or replacement number more than 17 million at an estimated cost of $10.7 billion and their spread continues to threaten Midwest states! Check out the latest infestation data on INDIANA EMERALD ASH BORER (EAB) QUARANTINE MAP posted by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

We are calling on YOU to help join us in slowing down this devastating pest! THANK YOU!

Pupa of an Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer pupa by J. Harris

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Meet Clive Jones

Clive Jones

Clive Jones loves to study and collect insects and was befriended by Keiko when he “rescued” her from a Walking Stick insect (that he showed her was really not dangerous at all) and so, he became the first boy to be recruited into Sandy & Keiko’s former “Girls-Only” tree house club that eventually become the urban forestry team known as, the Arbor Rangers!

His specialties are:

  • Tree Biology
  • Diagnostics (Bugs & Insects)/Treatment
  • Urban Forestry
  • Tree Risk Management