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CLIENT SUPPORT – Arborist Services

The Arbor Rangers ™ educational outreach program is supported primarily by the arborist services (see ARBORIST SERVICES section below) performed by Jeff Harris and his associates (Arbor Rangers, LLC).

Jeff prepares tree I.V.

Jeff prepares a tree I.V. for trunk injection of an ailing tree.

Clients who have tree or general landscape questions, concerns, or requests in connection with Jeff’s arborist services may use the CLIENT REQUEST FORM for further assistance. A “frequently asked questions” section is under development to provide you a means of self-assistance to commonly asked questions.

NEW CLIENTS – Prospective customers may also use the Client Request Form, but please also provide your referral source (i.e. how you heard about Jeff Harris / Arbor Rangers service). This information helps us determine the effectiveness of outside advertising versus “word-of-mouth” so that we can adjust our budget accordingly. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: Existing clients and prospective customers SHOULD NOT not use the Client Request Form to communicate TIME-SENSITIVE matters. You are highly encouraged to call and leave a briefly detailed message at 317-677-3601. If you send a TEXT MESSAGE at that number it will reach me even quicker. Prospective customers should be aware that use of the Internet via email or some other electronic format, including the Client Request Form, does not constitute, nor establish a binding Servicer-Client relationship between you and Jeff Harris or his associates. Satisfactory fulfillment of any submitted request may be limited by the nature of your request (i.e. type of service(s) requested, size of the proposed work order, travel distance to the proposed work site, personnel, product and/or equipment availability, inclement weather conditions, scheduling conflicts, conflicts of interest or ethics, etc.) or other circumstances that may be beyond Jeff’s control or that he may discretionarily decline to take on. Thank you for your patience, understanding, cooperation and consideration in advance!


  • Onsite plant health care (PHC) for native trees and many ornamental trees:
    • inspections
    • diagnostics
    • consultation
    • treatments (preventive or curative):
      • soil amendments to add vital nutrients and/or lower pH
      • trunk injections* using Arborjet microinjection system or comparable:
        • micro/macro-nutrient supplements
        • pest insects & mites control
        • disease (fungal, bacterial, viral) control
  • Occasional, but selective, light pruning for trees under 15′ that can be performed from the ground and do not require a ladder, climbing, or the use of gas-powered cutting equipment.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO REQUESTS FOR TREE-TOPPING or hedge-trimming of trees will be accepted!
  • New tree planting is available, on a case by case basis, but for safety reasons only trees of 1″ caliper** or less will be considered. Please keep in mind that specific tree species availability may be limited or unavailable from local nurseries or during certain seasons. INVASIVES: I will not encourage, nor accept any requests for planting any plants that are on the Indiana Invasive Species List.
  • Most landscape edging & mulching services will be phased out by the end of 2017. Hedge-trimming and hand-pruning of shrubs may be phased out by 2018. Sorry! No new clients are being added at this time for these type of landscape maintenance services.


Jeff Harris performs PHC services primarily in and around the Greater Indianapolis, Indiana area, but may consider worthwhile work in areas surrounding Marion County. If gasoline prices exceed $2.39/gal, a fuel surcharge of $7.50 may apply for onsite IDC and work in areas more than 10 miles outside of I-465 loop.  At his discretion, Jeff may waive any or all fees, on a case by case basis.

  • Regular business hours: Monday – Friday from 10:00am to 4:30pm. The Inspection, Diagnostic, and/or Consultation (IDC) rate is a minimum $75.00 (up to first 45 minutes, extended time will be billed an additional $25 in increments of 15 minutes thereafter) for each onsite visit (or remote sessions via phone requiring over 20 minutes of time, etc.).
  • Extended hours: Appointments may be available, but at a higher rate for Saturday & some national holidays from 10:00am to 4:30pm. IDC rate is a minimum $95.00 (up to first 45 minutes, then $40.00 in increments of 15 minutes thereafter) for each onsite visit (or remote sessions via phone requiring over 20 minutes of time, etc.).
  • Extended hours: Appointments may be available, but very rarely, and at a much higher rate for Sunday from noon to 2:30pm. IDC rate is a minimum of $115.00 (up to first 45 minutes, the $55.00 in increments of 15 minutes thereafter) for each onsite visit (or remote sessions via phone requiring over 20 minutes of time, etc.).
  • Jeff Harris does not perform any arborist services in inclement weather and is typically on “holiday” from fieldwork from November 15th through about April 15th, unless pre-spring weather runs unusually warmer and prematurely activates a need for PHC services.


*Indiana Commercial Pesticide Applicator License# F213529, Categories: 3A & 7A. Arborjet® Trained Professional

Certificate of Liability Insurance for business in Indiana.

**CALIPER vs DBH: Nurseries use caliper measurements to identify the size of trees on their lots. Most nursery trees are young and the flare at the base of their trunks are still under development. The measuring point to determine the caliper (or diameter) of stock trees is about 12″ above the ground. This method of measuring keeps things uniform in the industry as well as to distinguish it from other tree measuring systems (e.g. Arborists and foresters use the measurement of DBH (diameter at breast height) roughly 4.5 feet above the ground to identify the trunk size of maturing trees. Measuring at this height is usually well above the trunk flare (which in some larger trees can swell and extend quite a way up the base of the trunk). Thus, a DBH measurement provides a more accurate measurement of trunk size.

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