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The Arbor Rangers ™ are a group of kids who LOVE trees and recognize their value in our communities. As young foresters of urban nature they stand ready to protect & defend our natural resources and invite you to share in their adventures!

The Arbor Rangers ™ educational outreach program is supported primarily by the arborist services* performed for Indianapolis, IN area clients by Jeff Harris and his associates (Arbor Rangers, LLC).
*Arborist service clients: Please use the CLIENT SUPPORT link in the CONTACT US menu.


Girdling Roots – The Silent Tree Killer 

What are girdling roots? Where do they come from? What can you do about them?

How Soil Tests Can Help with Tree Selection 

One of the biggest challenges in establishing newly planted trees is poor soil conditions. How can a soil test affect your selection?

Collecting soil samples
How To Plant A Tree 

What is the proper way to plant a tree for long-term success? Does it really matter?

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful team demonstrates the latest techniques in tree planting.
Watering Trees – How Much? 

Providing adequate water for your trees can be a challenge. Here are some ways to make that chore a little bit easier.

Watering a Magnolia Tree
What Does a Tree Think of Pruning? 

The most common method of training and developing healthy tree growth is by means of proper pruning. It’s really not just simply lopping off limbs. There’s science behind it!

Tree pruning
Are LICHENS Bad For Trees? 

“I’ve got some kind of creepy fungus all over my tree! Will it kill my tree?” Find out if lichens are worth your worry!

What’s Up for 2017?


What else is happening in 2017? Click HERE for an AWESOME list of Autumn Urban Forestry Events compiled by Matt Lord (Indiana Community and Urban Forestry Program Outreach Coordinator). Thanks, Matt!


  • September 7: Midwest Tree and Shrub Conference
  • AUGUST is “TREE CHECK” Month!

    August is "Tree Check" Month!

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) wants to remind the public that August is Tree Check Month. This is the best time to spot the round, drill-like holes made by the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB); a highly destructive invasive pest that destroys trees. Learn more about this devastating pest HERE.

  • April 28: IDNR Arbor Day Poster Contest Winners are announced

Votes Are Tallied Top 3 Announced!

And The Winners Are...


  • January 24-26: Indiana Arborist Association Annual Conference
Jaira in AR booth at IAA conference.

Jaira watches over our Arbor Rangers booth at the 2017 Indiana Arborist Association Annual Conference.




We had a great time at the IAA Conference this winter! Not only was it the first time for us to have an exhibit booth, but Jeff Harris was also honored with a Meritorious Service Award during the Awards Ceremony! We wish to thank everyone who stopped by to visit us during the conference and for your ongoing support and encouragement!


The Latest BUZZzzzzz

What are POLLINATORS and why are they important? Find out here and how YOU can make a difference!

Polly Bee

Polly Bee


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What is PHOTOSYNTHESIS? Well… besides being a long word that you might think is one of those fancy words used in a science-fiction story, photosynthesis is actually the term used in real science to depict the amazing chemical process of how plants make their own energy.

Where does a tree get its energy? Through use of its leaves, a tree is able to manufacture its own energy through this process called photosynthesis. Here is a diagram of how sunlight energy is absorbed by chlorophyll combined with water and carbon dioxide are converted into sugar (also known as glucose). This sugar serves as energy food for a tree; some is constantly being used to sustain the tree and a portion is stored away in its trunks for later use. Oxygen is also produced in the process and we can all appreciate the vital importance of that for all breathing life forms… including us!

[Click on diagram image to enlarge view in a new web browser tab]

Photosynthesis diagram


Videos on the Web About Trees!

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